Acupuncture Relief Project

Mission: Provide free medical support to those affected by poverty, conflict or disaster while offering an educationally meaningful experience to influence the professional development and personal growth of compassionate medical practitioners.

Acupuncture Now Foundation

Mission: Elevate acupuncture’s impact on easing suffering and enhancing health through accurate information about its best practices.

Acupuncturists Without Borders

Mission: Provide┬ádisaster relief, recovery and support for building resiliency – to communities affected by disasters, human conflict, environmental devastation, poverty and social injustice.

Humanitarian Acupuncture Project

Mission: Use acupuncture to relieve the suffering of those who have few or no options for ongoing healthcare, treat the populations of impoverished and isolated communities, and empower women at the grassroots level by giving them a medical education and an income-producing profession.