Governing Board and Committees

The Board is comprised of elected professional members and may serve multiple terms. Applications are always welcome, and can be found here

Members of the public may also apply for positions on the Committees, though not for Chair, Secretary or Treasurer. Public members, known as Patrons of Acupuncture, should fill out the application here.

Current Board Members:

Co-Chair (Eastern District): Joel Thielen
Co-Chair (Western District): William Terrell
Secretary: Position Open
Treasurer: Valerie Stallbaumer

Support Staff:

Executive Director: Ashley Mayrose


Legislative, Law and Policy Committee:
William Terrell and Joel Thielen
Education Committee: 
Jay Heaverlo and Valerie Stallbaumer
Media Committee:
Rose Hosek and Emily Hurm
Membership/Board Nomination Committee:
Positions Open
Insurance Committee:
Danielle Sadler, Laura Parkinson, and Rauchelle Meschke

 Description of the Offices:
2 Regional Co-Chairs: These positions, also known as co-President or co-Chairperson, are responsible for organizing IAOMA board members and committee chair roles, overseeing the scheduling and processes of board and member meetings, acting as the public spokespersons for IAOMA and as formal liaisons between IAOMA members, the Iowa Board of Medicine, and any other state regulatory agencies, and for new membership recruitment.
2 Regional Co-Secretaries: These positions are responsible for the orderly documentation and dispersal of all minutes of IAOMA board meetings, the secure archiving of all IAOMA documentations, meeting minutes, and historical documentation, maintaining an up-to-date membership listing, and organizing the time and place of IAOMA meetings.
Treasurer: This position is responsible for maintaining the finances of IAOMA, including bank accounts, bill payment and tax filing.